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Well, perhaps I should confess: I [sort of] lied.

This isn't really an about me page, per se. I have always been of the belief that my words, and all that I write,  should be what tells you who I am. Words to the exact effect are always shortchanged. To be able to just describe myself in a few words, to describe who I am through my life in a few sentences, is a feat pretty much impossible.

I want you, my reader, to discover me through my expression of words; I write about anything and everything, and most of it is quite personal. 

The purpose of this 'about me' page therefore isn't really an endeavour to describe myself, but to introduce, or help you navigate this maze that is my writing. You will see that I actually have several blogs within Blogger. This isn't meant to confuse you, but rather to organize my various ways of writing:

My Blogs

Supercalifragilisticsexyalidocious is what I call my "blog" blog - or rather where I write in my everyday conversational voice, and could be perceived as my 'diary' or 'journal'. 

Lucid Iridescence is was* my 'prose' blog,where I intertwine the more delicate feelings and emotions into words, where usually I pull away from my readership and write solely for expression. Most often this is where I go for my own peace of mind, to pour out my heart, or to simply let myself go and be one with my oneness, consequently it is probably the blog that is closest to my heart. It breaks down into three phases; I moved blog posts from two previous blogs from different websites to this blog, and therefore is where my very first 'blogging' writing is located.

*as of April 11, 2016, the posts have been merged with Supercalifragilisticsexyalidocious—they can be found through the labels "Lucid Iridescence" or "Prose", as well as the older posts as aforementioned via "Sapne" and "Read My Lips" labels:

  •  Posts labelled 'Sapne' are those from my first set of blogging, originally hosted on Xanga.com.
  •  Posts labelled 'Read My Lips' are those from my next phase of blogging on another site that has since gone down.

Similarly, "Whispers of Rain", is where I sort of do the same, but in poetic form. There are those spontaneous times when a feeling or thought creates itself within my mind to a certain meter or rhythm, where a cadence comes to birth with a sensation. 

"The Butterfly Effect" is my music blog. I listen to a lot of contemporary hindi (Bollywood) songs, along with doses of other genres. 

"Golden Memories" is exactly what it sounds like - a record of random, hilarious, crazy, heart-touching moments, any sort really, that we (myself and several other bloggers (read, best buddies)) feel need to be recorded within the glorified halls of our memory. 


Writing has always been a solitary journey for me. It began out of a need to contain an exploding—or perhaps imploding—supernova of emotions within a vessel for the purpose of transmuting the chaos from within to without, and also for the movement to lessen the pressures of loneliness from within—for me to also hold it in a glass jar and look at it, so as to better understand what it was that was within. Writing has been this at root for me all these years later, but in the process, has become so much more simply by my own passage and evolution through life.

This 'about me' page is proof of that; if writing had remained purely a venture of isolation this would not exist. Rather, blogging has become a portal and home for sharing not only words and feelings, but beautiful bonds of friendship that go even beyond mere words.

In reading this, I hope you recognize the extended hand of friendship I proffer along with my words. And I hope that you too find that this is a home where you can sit back and enjoy, learn, share, relate, commiserate, laugh, smile, feel, and simply be.





"IQ to my 'true self' is the Bells to the Brontës"

A bit crazy. Well maybe it could be more than a bit. Thinker. Dreamer. Imagination that strives to reach new bounds. Random. Love to laugh. Bibliophile. Tree Hugger. Cloud Watcher. Sitdown Comedian. Nature lover. Hopeless romantic.
Sometimes kitten, sometimes cat, and sometimes at the right time, pure tigress.

A Ghost in search of her Shadow. The Blossom yet still the Seed.
Though in bloom I am the Rose, many blind may see a Weed. ❦ 

 Questions? Inquiries? Want a word in private? Email me: IQwrites@outlook.com

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